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What We Do


- Develop leadership,  management,  front-line and  small organization  teams  with ALC programs. 

- ALC utilizes a top team of diverse educators who will bring your organization to new heights in performance. 

- All sectors served:  corporate, non-profit, state  and federal, educational,  youth

- ALC comes to your boardroom, workplace, retreat, conference location, or plan something amazing!

The Best Outcomes


- Creative and customized activities based upon your needs and goals.

- Explore team outcomes in a safe, fun and engaging environment. 

- Enhance impact with exciting team development in natural surroundings.

- Off-site facilities available. 

- Expedition-based programming available.

  • Kayaking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Camping, Rescue simulations

What people say


   Nothing says more than the evals. These are where we get the real story:

- "Team integrity and quality were overlooked..."

- "Fostered growth and development."

- "ALC are pros, they did an amazing job!"

- "Great communication tying activities to real life skills."

- "To relax and trust others. To ask for what you need. To allow yourself to receive. Uplifting."

Get Out of the Office


- Change in environment and tone increases impact.

- Support given during team activities make teams more likely to support one another in other environments.

- Interactions reduce stress from electronic distractions

- Minimize co-worker Infighting and undermining

- With new tools, staff become more resilient to change

Complex Initiatives


- Teams are guided through sequenced activities leading to complex team challenges.

-Team and co-worker problem-solving improves.

- Physical ability is not a limiting factor in participation.

- ALC experiences are more poignant and memorable.

- We enhance self-awareness 

- Memory improves when outdoors

Step it up and engage!


 - ALC addresses, supports and improves internal organizational health.

- Leadership will be more focused and aware, using new simple and effective tools

- Guides culture towards successful outcomes

- Improves employee attitude

- Increases satisfaction

About Us

Professional Programs


ALC works with corporate, non-profit, state and federal, municipal and educational clients. ALC clients have included a spectrum of corporate sectors in: retail, accounting, banking, medical and call centers. In educational including: teaching, business, medical, campus and grad. In public: law enforcement, court staff, municipal. Full range of non-profit service sectors.

Youth Leadership


Youth leadership programs may  include wilderness components, facilitation training and service to schools and community, depending upon school goals and design. Leadership models for high school students  can incorporate experiencing activities, learning to teach them, and delivering sequenced activities to younger grades and different schools. Other youth programs are designed to build relationships, develop interaction skills and be a ton of fun.

Challenge Course Construction


ALC has been designing and building impactful ropes courses for over 20 years. Courses built at colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. Conference center support and services available. Element design integrates team over individual outcomes.

Dave Cross, CEO

Dave providing overview of activities at a leadership retreat.


Dave Cross, CEO, brings over 25 years of experience assessing, designing and delivering high impact team and leadership development programs across sectors. 

As the former USM Action Learning Center Director, Dave expanded course offerings to students & grad programs, USM departments & community outreach. 

Dave consults with Outward Bound and other providers for a broad cross-section of programs. The following lists some of Dave's groups and clients:

PHRS Challenge Course built by Dave Cross.

Higher Ed & School Programs

USM ETEP, MBA students/faculty, dept. staff/prof. dev., curriculum-based orientations, NCAA sports teams, more. Contracted: Harvard MBA/Kennedy School, MIT/grad, Hult International MBA, UMD MBA, WVA Teachers, Northeastern MBA, Yale, NYU Stern School, Univ. of DE, Cambridge Hospital, more.   

Falmouth HS. Maranacook MD/HS, Poland HS, Jobs for Maine Grads, Upward Bound, Portland West, King MS, at-risk/adjudicated, youth leadership programs, more.


ALC Professional


US District Court, Hussey Seating, LL Bean (2500 CS rep-s and admins.), Berry Dunn, MacPage, City of Portland, Cambridge Hospital, CMMC, family medical and dental practices, local and national financial institutions, software developers, bio firms, law enforcement, public officials,  more.

ALC designs and constructs challenge courses for schools and conference facilities.

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